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We're erudite...and amplified!  The Professors are a Seattle-based band that has been playing Classic Rock and Americana music at nightclubs, festivals and private events in the Pacific Northwest since 2007.  Initially a majority of the band members were college professors, hence the name. Audiences of all ages enjoy our performances.

The Professors specialize in "deep tracks" rather than Top 40 hits. The selection of artists we choose to cover ranges from The Decemberists to the Grateful Dead, from The Smithereens to Jason Isbell, from Tom Petty to Taj Mahal.  (See our songlist for details) 

We also write and perform our own songs. Here is an example.

Come see us at an upcoming gig or contact us to have us play at your venue or event!




George Erving: Electric Guitar, Vocals - When not coaxing tones from his Telecaster, George is an actual professor, of English literature, at Puget Sound University.  George is the founding member and guiding mentor of The Professors.  He can expound at length on the metaphysics of both William Blake and Jerry Garcia.

Paul Simpson: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Blues Harp, Vocals - Often mistaken for Bruce Willis, Paul is the Swiss army knife of The Professors.  A veteran of bar bands, such as Tacoma's Kicks, Paul is a world traveler, a music aficionado, and a former nude model.  Paul works for a large software company in Redmond, WA.

Tony Sacco: Drums, Vocals - Not many bands have their own Master Gardener.  We do.  Not many drummers have a degree in music theory.  Tony does.  Possibly the only thing that Tony is more passionate about than botany and music is soccer, which he plays and coaches.

Larry Parisot: Bass Guitar, Vocals - Larry joined the band in the fall of 2019 and brings years of playing experience from classical to folk and rock. When he is really amped up he pulls out the French Horn to provide the group with some class. 

George Downing - Big George is the "fifth Professor" and takes care of sound, logistics, BBQ, and encouragement.  The Professors began in Big George's house and he hasn't been able to get rid of us since.